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Who Are We?

Staff Members:
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A.J Ward: Director of Instructional Technology

Daniel Wirth: Network Administrator

Brandy Simms: Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, ITRT

Naomi Collins: Network Technician

William Stauffer: Network Technician

Our Focus

The main focus of the Northampton County Public Schools Instructional Technology Department is to be instrumental in carrying out the instructional goals of the Division. The Department vigorously pursues the most current technology tools, software, courseware, training, and professional development necessary to support the Division’s teachers and administrators in engaging our students in ways that will prepare them for the future. To this end, the Technology Department has adopted the following mission and vision statements:

Our Vision

The Northampton County Public Schools Technology Department will strive to enable students, teachers, administrators, and all support staff for success in an emerging, digitally-driven society by being an enabling force and resource for learning

Our Mission

The Northampton County Public Schools Technology Department will strive to engage every student in learning by providing teachers and students with technology tools and resources that meet their instructional needs and by providing the professional development necessary to ensure a comfortable implementation into the learning environment.

To the right is a quick link to our Support Portal. Please use this to submit concerns that we can address. These concerns can range from broken or damaged devices to requesting a website modification to requesting a PD or to simply asking a question of the Technology Department.

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Student Device Initiatives:

1-1 Program:

All students in grades 6-12 have a 1-1 Chromebook. They are to take this device back and forth from school to home in the provided computer bag. Devices are Wi-Fi enabled for at-home connectivity as well as at-school connectivity. When in need of a repair, students are to take the computer to the Media Center and receive a Loaner Device. The Technology Department will collect all devices throughout the week from the Media Center for repair and return them ASAP, dependent on the repair needed. At that point, students will turn their Loaner back in and receive their computer back. Students are responsible for all damages that are not normal wear and tear on their 1-1 Device and the Loaner should they obtain one.

Classroom Computer Cart Program:

Currently, all students in grades 2-5 have access to a computer in their classroom and other instructional areas. These computers are to stay in these classrooms/areas and not be removed from that location for any reason other than repair.

Classroom Station Program:

Currently, students in grades k-1 have access to computer stations in their classrooms. There are, on average, between 5 to 10 computers per classroom. Students also have access to a school computer lab, which becomes an environment of 1 computer per student.

The Latest Technology Continues to be deployed in the classrooms:

ViewSonic Interactive Boards, Related Tools, and resources will be deployed in our classrooms each school year. These boards will house an in-slot computer, which makes more of a user-friendly method to stream and deliver impactful multimedia content by providing added computing power and touch functionalities. This represents our Division's continued effort to ensure that our teachers and students have the most effective technology available to enhance the learning process in our classrooms. 

This year we will continue the ideology of Blending Learning classrooms. Blended learning is an education strategy that features both digital and traditional teaching methods to help students learn. It’s exceptionally effective at helping long-term information retention in a diverse student body. Each student, in grades 6-12, will be assigned a Chromebook to use in the classroom and each NCPS student will be assigned a student email account (all of our students have email accounts) with which to communicate to the teacher all assignments and receive work assignments from the teacher. They will also employ the Google Apps tools, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail which is all web-based. 

This year, our 1:1 and Blended Classroom initiatives will be enhanced by continuing to encourage the Learning Management System (LMS) approach to the instructional process.

The 1:1 initiative provides personal devices to all students in grades 7-12. Students in grades 3-6 will use Classroom Computer Carts.

Both Elementary schools include a PK-6 Lab Curriculum aligned with ISTE and VA Technology Standards, which will promote skills acquisition and collaboration..  

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