Center for Careers and Technology

Eastville, VA 23347

School Phone: (757) 678-5151 x4103

School Office Hours: 7:15-4:00

Student Hours: 7:40-3:00


Center for Careers & Technology Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are offered in Northampton County Public Schools at Northampton High School grades 8 - 12.  The CTE focus is applied academics.  We teach students how to apply their knowledge gained in core classes to real world, skills-based tasks.


Programs include:

  • Agriculture Education: Agriculture Science and Mechanics, Horticulture

  • Business and Information Technology Education: Computer Information Systems, Economics & Personal Finance, Principles of Business Digital Applications, Desktop Publishing, Accounting   Career Connections: Education for Employment and Workplace Readiness

  • Family and Consumer Science: Family and Commercial Courses

  • Marketing Education: Introduction to Marketing, Sports and Fashion Marketing

  • Trade and Industrial Education: Building Trades, Carpentry, Auto Mechanics

Courses are offered to students who desire to learn a career or technical skill to prepare them for the world of work and post-secondary technical training. 

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