Finance Department

The mission of the Finance Department is to support the achievement of the school district's mission by providing accurate information, efficient services, and analysis necessary for sound decision making.

Finance Staff

Chief Financial Officer

Brook Thomas, CPA, SFO, SBA
757-678-5151 x2201

Finance Coordinator

Christine LeVick
757-678-5151 x2206

Finance Assistant

Teri Guy
757-678-5151 x2202

Finance Assistant

Heather Arcos
Accounts Payable
757-678-5151 x2204

Finance Assistant

Leslie Jones
Purchase Orders, Timesheets, and Leave
757-678-5151 x2203

Responsibilities of the Finance Department fall within the following general areas:

Accounts Payable.  Involves processing of purchase orders and vendor invoices for payment, as well as the maintenance of accurate and timely expenditure records.  Approved Purchase Orders should be forwarded to Leslie Jones for processing.  Questions about vendor payments should be directed to Heather Arcos. 

Accounts Receivable.  Includes research and recording of all Revenues received by the Division, including Local, State, and Federal funding sources.  Also includes the preparation of other miscellaneous deposits.  Questions regarding revenue reporting and deposits should be directed to Heather Arcos.

Budgeting.  Includes coordination, preparation, and maintenance of the district budget, including both instructional and non-instructional activities of the District.  Responsibilities also include budget tracking, enforcement, and revision as needed throughout the year.  Questions about line-item budget balances should be directed to Leslie Jones.  Questions about the budget process should be directed to Brook Thomas.

Financial Reporting.  Involves reconciliation of school financial records, preparation of monthly financial statements to Administrators and the School Board, maintenance of fixed asset records, coordination of all documentation required for State and Federal reporting (including review and reconciliation of all Federal grant reimbursements), and coordination of the Division’s annual financial statement audit.  Questions about financial reporting should be directed to Brook Thomas or Christine LeVick.

Payroll.  Includes processing of timesheets and contract/work agreement payments for all NCPS employees. This includes maintenance of leave records, processing direct deposits, distribution of paychecks and stubs, management of employee deductions, and processing payments for related deductions to all relevant vendors and taxing authorities.  Questions about paychecks and paycheck calculations should be directed to Teri Guy.  Questions about leave records and Frontline Substitute & Leave Management system should be directed to Leslie Jones.

Benefits. Includes health and dental insurance enrollment and administration of FFGA Voluntary Benefits. Questions about health and/or dental insurance should be directed to Heather Arcos. Questions about voluntary benefits should be directed to Teri Guy or Brook Thomas.

School Activity Funds.  Division finance staff assist principals by establishing regulations and procedures for the management and operations of school activity accounts in accordance with sound business practices. This includes, but is not limited to, prescribing accounting and operating procedures as well as audit standards (School Activity Fund Handbook), providing training and other assistance, coordination of an annual audit, and performing periodic on-site reviews. Questions about School Activity Funds should be directed to Brook Thomas, Christine LeVick, or to the school principal.