Hello NCPS!

We are excited to get the 2022/23 School Year off to a great start! Open House is on September 1st, 2022! This year, Grades 7, 10, 11, 12 will be receiving new Chromebooks! This will complete our initiative to have the entire 1-1 Program running on updated Chromebooks in grades 7-12! Below is some VERY important information about receiving your new computer during Open House.

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING STUDENT IN 10, 11, or 12th grade or a 7th Grader and you possess a laptop from last year's 6th-grade take-home device initiative:

  • Clean out the bag and put in the charger and computer.

  • Bring your old computer to the NHS Media Center during Open House.

  • When you turn in your currently held computer, you will receive a new one. 

  • You will not receive a new computer unless you turn in your old one.

  •  If you have already turned in your old computer, then we have documented you as doing so and will receive your Chromebook at Open House when you come to the Media Center.


  • Please feel free to drop by the NHS Media center during Open House to acquire your 1-1 laptop, bag, and charger.