Dear NCPS elementary school families,

Starting January 4", 2022 Eastern Shore Rural Health Dental will resume dental services for our schools.
Services will begin with an initial universal screening for all students PreK thru 6 grade to determine those in need for restorative care.
These screenings will be done by an Eastern Shore Rural Health dental employee on school grounds.

A dentist will perform an oral health screening for your child checking the health of her/his lips, tongue, teeth, gums, inside of the cheeks, and roof of the mouth to identify oral disease, and especially tooth decay. An oral health screening is completely painless and takes only 2 or 3 minutes to complete. Screenings are not examinations and do not involve making diagnoses that lead to treatment plans. However, you will be advised if the dentist finds any abnormal findings and offer suggestions of where care can be provided for your child.

This letter is to serve as prior notice to these screenings taking place and if you would not like for your child to participate, please indicate that by returning the bottom portion of this letter attached to their school clinic by January 10", 2022.

Please note Dental services will start first at KES, followed by OES and NHS/NMS at later dates.

NCPS Dental Screening Opt-Out Form