How to check your account for past transactions and job releases.


  • When logged into your laptop, papercut should appear to the top right. Click Details for more information. Click Technology Support to go to our help desk.


  • Orange Circle - This is your current Balance.

  • You can see other information. Amount of print jobs you sent, total pages you have used, balance history, etc.


  • Clicking Transaction History - This lets you see all your usage and why your allotment is what it is. You may need to turn the filter off to see past events. This log should go as far back as the service has been in use at NCPS.


  • Recent Print Jobs - Lets you see your jobs, amount of copies used, document name, when and where it was printed at.


  • Jobs Pending Release - If you print to the copiers in the buildings, this is where the print job goes until you either A. Release it at the copier, B. It times out after 24 hours and you have not printed it, or C. you release it from here.

  • Click the Refresh now Yellow Circle if you just printed and do not see it just yet.

  • Click the Print or cancel button in the Red Circle if you wish to do either of those options. If your click print the following will appear:


  • Select a copier and the print job will start printing at that location. Note this can be handy if you want to print something to give to someone at another location.

  • Say a teacher at OES wants a printed lesson plan from a KES Teacher. The OES teacher could wait at the copier at OES Left Wing, and let the kes teacher know so they can release the job at that copier, thus letting the OES teacher have the printed copy without emailing a copy first.

  • PLEASE NOTE!!!! Do not release jobs unless you are able to see that the copier is not in use!!! If you release a job while someone else is in the middle of copying, it will pause their job, release yours in the middle of their copies, then restart theirs! Your job can get lost into their copied pile!