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EllRay Jakes is Magic! Introduction

A Letter From the Author

Please Note: The readings for each chapter will be made available on the day they are scheduled to be covered.

Chapter 1: Keeping an Open Mind

Chapter 2: In Charge

Monday, March 13th (Launch Day)

  1. Who teaches EllRay’s class? p. 1

  2. Why does EllRay’s teacher call her students, “captive children”? p. 1

Tuesday, March 14th

  1. What is Jared’s favorite word? p. 14

  2. What do the students in the class agree to do over the weekend before Monday’s tryouts? p. 15

Chapter 3: My One and Only Sister

Chapter 4: “Your Amazing First Magic Set, with Top Hat, Wand, and DVD!”

Wednesday, March 15th

  1. What letter of the alphabet does Alfie have trouble pronouncing? p. 19

  2. How old is Alfie? p. 19

Thursday, March 16th

  1. What animal does EllRay compare his town of Oak Glen to?  p. 27

  2. What “talent” did Dad admit to having when he was EllRay’s age? p. 28

Chapter 5: Doomed

Chapter 6: Ta-Da!

Friday, March 17th(Teacher Workday)

  1. On Sunday why doesn’t the family go out for a hike or picnic? p. 36

  2. What does Mother plan instead? p. 37

Weekend, March 17-19

  1. What two tricks do EllRay and his dad come up with for the talent tryouts? p. 44

Chapter 7: Famous All Over the World

Chapter 8: Our Class’s Five Lame Acts

Monday, March 20th

  1. What illusion does EllRay do for his sister and parents? p. 49

  2. How do Mom and Dad respond to Alfie’s behavior? p. 52 - 53

Tuesday, March 21st

  1. Where does Corey go almost daily in the afternoon? p. 59

  2. Why did EllRay think that Kevin’s idea for an act in the tryouts wasn’t such a good one? p. 60

Chapter 9: The Tryouts

Chapter 10: To Make a Long Story Short

Spanish Version Coming Soon!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 22nd

  1. Who on the school staff is one of the judges? p. 65

  2. EllRay usually forgets the name of the school principal. Why does he say that might be? p. 65

Thursday, March 23rd

  1. Why didn’t Heather wave an American flag as planned? p. 73

  2. How did the principal introduce EllRay? p. 74

Chapter 11: That Special Book

Chapter 12: Making Things Okay with Alfie

Weekend,  March 24th-26th

  1. What did Kevin say that showed support for EllRay and his act? p. 77

  2. On Tuesday morning what surprise did EllRay get when he arrived at school? p. 75

Monday, March 27th

  1. What is Alfie saving up money to buy? p. 85

  2. What does EllRay say he’ll give Alfie after he shows her how the coin trick works? p. 85

Chapter 13: Telling Dad

Chapter 14: Man-to-Man

Tuesday, March 28th

  1. How scared do you think EllRay is to perform in front of the school at the talent show?

  2. What is Dad worried about when EllRay says he barely fits in at school? p. 95

Wednesday, March 29th

  1. Why is Wednesday called Hump Day? p. 99

  2. What four things make Wednesdays a challenge for EllRay?  p. 99

Chapter 15: Some Very Good Advice

Chapter 16: Together

Thursday, March 30th

  1. Who is Ms. Sanchez marrying? p. 107

  2. What does Jared say about all the marriage advice of the class? p. 112

Weekend, March 31st-April 2nd

  1. How did Dad correct EllRay when EllRay used the word “yeah”? p. 118

  2. What had Dad purchased for EllRay? p. 118

Chapter 17: An Extra-Special Day

Chapter 18: Abracadabra,  Ellray Jakes!

Monday, April 3rd

  1. What did EllRay like most about practicing his tricks with his dad? p. 122

  2. What is a magician’s helper on stage usually called? p. 123

Tuesday, April 4th

  1. Describe the bag used in the first illusion? p. 131

  2. What does EllRay pull out of the bag?  p. 132

Chapter 19: Woo-Hoo!

Chapter 20: Count on It

Wednesday, April 5th

  1. What foods are served at the wedding shower for Ms. Sanchez? p. 137

  2. What is a boutonniere? p. 138 – 139

Thursday, April 6th

  1. What enduring name does Ms. Sanchez call EllRay? p. 149

  2. What magic word does the book end with? p. 149

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