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Self-Reflection Opportunity

Modeling and practicing behavior expectations is critical for maintaining a positive learning environment. 

I am here to support you along your professional journey, and I would like to offer to video record your lesson. "Our own mind can be our biggest critic or our biggest strength..." Instructional self-reflection through a different lens can open our eyes to things we may miss (e.g., our own unconscious behavior, or tendencies, student disengagement). The video recording is nonevaluative and will be for your/my eyes only. Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you cannot share this video.

Is there a specific part of your lesson you would like to review (direct instruction, guided practice, independent/station work, closure), or would you prefer to analyze the whole lesson? After you've had time to watch the recording, I would like to schedule a brief follow-up meeting to discuss instructional strengths and additional strategies or ideas. 

Please complete the following survey to schedule a recording. If you are unsure at this time, please know this opportunity is always available. I speak not only from best practice but also from personal experience. It is truly enlightening to see and critique our instruction.

Self-Reflection Survey:






Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)