Testing on Chromebooks

Steps to start Testnav App

  1. Turn the Chromebook on / open the lid to power on or button.

  2. ***NOTE If a student already has Chromebook powered on and has signed into Chromebook, please sign out or reboot the Chromebook and do not log in then follow steps 3-7.

  3. DO NOT SIGN IN, click the "Apps" button to the lower left.

  4. Click Testnav. Testnav should start up and go to the login screen. If it does not and ask for a state, click Virginia.

  5. If the wrong state or the wrong type of test is selected, this can be changed by clicking the person icon to the top right, then clicking change customer.

  6. Await examiner/proctor for username and password,

  7. Login in and start the test.

Troubleshooting Tips.

When I try and log in on my Chromebook, I get an error "The username or password you entered is incorrect."

          The issue may be that you need to log out of your district account on the Chromebook.. You can also reboot your Chromebook, just make sure and start TestNav before you log in. If you have done this and still receive the error, please contact your teacher.

I am logged in on my Chromebook, but when I try and take a test the "Start" button is gray.

You may still be logged into your district account on the Chromebook. Please sign out of your chrome account and then click "Apps" on the bottom left, then Testnav. You can also reboot your Chromebook, just make sure and start TestNav before you log in.

I still have a gray "Start" or "Resume" button.

          If you were kicked out of a test before finishing, you will have to contact your teacher to have the test reset.

The login screen is in a different language.

This means the last student to log in to this device changed the Chromebook's main language.
To change this to English or another language, you will need to log in to the Chromebook with the student account that changed the language and then change the default in the system settings. You can do this will the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the laptop with the student account that changed the system settings.

  2. At the bottom left, click the time area.

  3. Select Settings Gear. -> click Advanced.

  4. In the "Languages and inputs" section, select Languages.

  5. To change your Chromebook's language, next to "Device language," select Change.

  6. Type or choose your preferred language.

  7. Select Confirm and restart.

    The other option to reset the default language is to sign in with another student's email that has not used this Chromebook. This will reset it to English.


Make sure Chromebook is fully charged.

Bring Charger to school.

Make sure the chromebook has been turned on and used in the past 2 weeks to insure fully up-to-date OS and Testnav.

If the device is damaged, turn it in to the library and receive a loaner.

Run SystemCheck: To run SystemCheck, on each device: Start the Testnav app from the steps above, click the person icon to the top right and click "App Check". Click run App Check. If all passes, your Testnav app is good to go.

To Exit Testnav, either hold the power button down and reboot or press the power button and hit signout/shutdown depending on which you want to do.

Below is a quick video of signing into testnav and other info.

Link to sample video for signing in: No Sound

0:00 - 0:25 How to Start Testnav

0:26 - 0:39 How to change Customer if accidentally clicked another state:

0:40 - 0:53 How to do an App Check to see if Testnav is ready to go.

0:54 - 1:00 How to Sign out of Testnav - Press the power button then at the prompt, press sign out.

1:01 - 1:45 What Testnav looks like if you are signed into the Chromebook - Note You cannot Test this way, only use the sample items.

1:46 - 2:20 How to Sign out of the Chromebook and get to Testnav if signed in.