NCPS Copier Information

Copier Allotment

Each teacher will be allotted 4000 copies per month with a max accumulation of 6000.  This is a combined total for all copies whether B/W or color.  There will be a PaperCut App that will run in your tray and can be displayed on your desktop giving you a real-time summary of your account.  PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the expense of Color printing, each color copy or print will cost 2 copies.

Print Anywhere

You may print or copy to/at any copier in the building or district.  When you send your print job it is held in a print queue on a print server.  When you go to the copier of your choice and enter your code, you will see your print job waiting for you to print.  

Workroom B&W, Office Copiers color.

The copiers in the workrooms are Black and White ONLY!  All color printing must be done in the school offices.

Sped Department and Art

For Special Ed., PreK, Art ONLY:  Heavy duty color printers have been setup in each workroom to accommodate you for VAAP and other necessary color printing.  These are for COLOR ONLY.  No Black and White printing will be allowed at these printers.  Any printing on the color printers is also counted against your monthly allotment.  PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the expense of Color printing, there will a reduction of 10 copies per color copy.

ID Badge Info

Your badge should already be synchronized. If not, swipe the badge at any copier, then use your AD Username and Password to associate it.

If you receive a new badge anytime during the year, please inform IT as we must manually delete the old badge from our system. Please also send the new badge number from the back of the badge. This will be a group of 5 numbers.