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Where Are We Going?

We will strive to meet the following goals:

  • The PK-6 technology curriculum is aligned with ISTE and Virginia Department of Education technology standards. References to content area standards are also present in this curriculum. Professional development for effectively teaching this curriculum will be provided. 

  • Professional Development Sessions are held on a monthly basis, as well as, every summer.  These sessions will concentrate on integrating  Interactive Tools and Google Apps effectively into instruction. This professional development can be face to face or through video conferencing to each school site.

  • PK-12th  grade students will receive in-depth instruction on Internet safety and etiquette.  

  • Replace Laptop Carts as needed in the 2 elementary schools

  • Continue upgrade of switches and servers and other infrastructure needs
  • Support teachers through modeling, peer observations, and professional development as they transition from teacher dominated technology use to student dominated technology use 
  • Provide teachers and administrators the opportunity to become Google Certified Educators by supporting them throughout the process

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