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The Latest Technology Continues to be Deployed

The Latest Technology Continues to be deployed in classroom for the 2018-2019 School Year:

  • ViewSonic Interactive Boards and Related Tools and resources will be deployed in our classrooms for the 2018-2019 school year. These boards will house an in slot computer, which makes it easier to stream and deliver impactful multimedia content by providing added computing power and touch functionalities. These boards are a refresh of a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard lease that was deployed 5 years ago. This represents our Division's continued effort to ensure that our teachers and students have the most effective technology available to enhance the learning process in our classrooms. 
  • This year we will continue the Paperless Classroom project.  This is not a classroom that does not use paper, rather it a classroom built around the digital tools and resources of the 21st Century.  Each student will be assigned a netbook to use in the classroom and each student will be assigned a student email account (all of our students have email accounts) with which to communicate to the teacher all assignments and receive work assignments from the teacher. They will also employ the Google Apps tools, Google Docs, Google Calendar and email which is all web-based. 
  • This year, our 1:1 and Paperless Classroom initiatives will be enhanced by introducing the Learning Management System (LMS) approach to the instructional process. Teachers will be provided with continuous professional development on implementing Schoology, our LMS, into their classrooms.  
  • The 1:1 initiative, which provides personal devices to all students in grades 7-12 will continue for 2018-2019. 
  • A PK-6 Lab Curriculum aligned with ISTE and VA Technology Standards, which will promote skills acquisition and collaboration, and will continue this year.  

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