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Welcome to the NCPS Technology Department

24 days ago

Mobile Learning Computer initiative for the Middle School & High School will continue for the 2020-2021 School Year. 

Northampton County Public Schools will continue its Mobile Learning computer initiative at Northampton High School and Northampton Middle School this school year.  This will be for all students in grades 7-12.  Like last year, Parents, before your students can receive their device, a user agreement should be signed. This user agreement is now found in the Code of Conduct. A $25 technology fee will be charged, with payment plans available for your convenience.  

Please  Click Here to view the Mobile Learning Handbook.

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The Latest Technology Continues to be Deployed

24 days ago

The Latest Technology Continues to be deployed in the classroom for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  • ViewSonic Interactive Boards and Related Tools and resources will be deployed in our classrooms for the 2020-2021 school year. These boards will house an in slot computer, which makes it easier to stream and deliver impactful multimedia content by providing added computing power and touch functionalities. These boards are a refresh of a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard lease that was deployed 6 years ago. This represents our Division's continued effort to ensure that our teachers and students have the most effective technology available to enhance the learning process in our classrooms. 
  • This year we will continue the transition to Blending Learning classrooms. Blended learning is an education strategy that features both digital and traditional teaching methods to help students learn. It’s exceptionally effective at helping long-term information retention in a diverse student body. Each student will be assigned a netbook to use in the classroom and each student will be assigned a student email account (all of our students have email accounts) with which to communicate to the teacher all assignments and receive work assignments from the teacher. They will also employ the Google Apps tools, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail which is all web-based. 
  • This year, our 1:1 and Blended Classroom initiatives will be enhanced by continuing to encourage the Learning Management System (LMS) approach to the instructional process. Teachers will be provided with continuous professional development on implementing Google Classroom, Canvas and Edmodo into their classrooms.  
  • The 1:1 initiative, which provides personal devices to all students in grades 7-12 will continue for 2020-2021. 
  • A PK-6 Lab Curriculum aligned with ISTE and VA Technology Standards, which will promote skills acquisition and collaboration, and will continue this year.  
  • A population of our students will start and end the year using the Virtual VA platform. Licensed teachers will provide instruction to these students on a weekly basis. 

Who Are We?

about 1 year ago

Our Focus
The main focus of the Northampton County Public Schools Instructional Technology Department's is to be very instrumental in the instructional goals of the Division being attained. The Department is vigorously pursuing the technology tools, software, course-ware, training and Professional Development necessary to help the Division’s teachers and administrators engage our students in learning in a way that will prepare them for success in the years after high school. To this end, the Technology Department has adopted the following mission and vision statements:

Our Vision
The Northampton County Public Schools Technology Department will strive to enable students, teachers, administrators, and all support staff for success in an emerging, digitally driven society by being an enabling force and resource for learning

Our Mission
The Northampton County Public Schools Technology Department will strive to engage every student in learning by providing teachers and students with the technology tools and resources relevant to the day, and by providing the professional development necessary to ensure a comfortable familiarity in the use of these tools and resources as well as training to develop strategies for their implementation into the learning environment.