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Frequently Used Forms & Templates

7 days ago

Please see the "Related Files" section below for miscellaneous Finance forms.  Forms for Health/Dental Insurance, Leave Donation Program, and Sick Leave Bank can be found using the links on the left. 

    Direct Deposit Form
    Use to make changes to the accounts or amounts of your direct deposit.

    Federal Tax Form W-4
    Use to make changes to your Federal tax exemptions and additional withholdings.

               NOTE:  For FAQ's related to filling out the new W-4 issued in January 2020, visit:

                            For maximum accuracy, the IRS encourages the use of the Tax Withholding
                            Estimator to complete Form W-4, which is available at

    Virginia Tax Form VA-4
    Use to make changes to your State tax exemptions and additional withholdings.

    Timesheet - Hourly Employees 
    This form should be used by all employees paid based on an hourly rate.

    Timesheet - Classified Employees 
    This form should be used by all employees paid on a Classified salary scale. Salary scales can be found on the Human Resources tab of the NCPS Website.

    Pay Stub Explanation
    Please review for more information regarding the layout of NCPS Pay Stubs.

    Budget Appropriation Change Form 
    Use to submit requests to transfer budgets between line items and to request additional appropriations.

    Journal Entry Request Form
    Use to submit requests to reclassify revenues & expenditures that have already been processed.

    Travel Reimbursement Request
    May be used to submit reimbursement requests for District-related travel.

    Travel Pre-Approval Form
    This form is to be used to summarize travel expenditures for trips expected to cost over $500, which must be approved in advance by the Superintendent.

    Travel Advance Request
    Use to request an advance of funds for District-related travel. Requires Central Office approval.

    District Credit Card Summary 
    To be used by Administrators when submitting monthly credit card statements.

    Special Pay Plan Account Setup Form
    Employees who have payouts going into the Special Pay Plan (see Reg GCBC-R) should use this form to designate their beneficiary.

    Sample Forms
    This is a file of sample completed Travel Forms & Timesheets for employee reference.

    Sick Leave Transfer Request Form
    For NCPS employees to use to transfer sick leave days into their NCPS Leave account from another Virginia School Division.