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10 months ago

All 12 month employees receive the following holidays unless notified to the contrary: 

    • Independence Day                           ∘    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
    • Labor Day                                          ∘     President's Day
    • Thanksgiving Day                             ∘     Easter
    • Christmas Day                                  ∘     Memorial Day
Any additional holidays will be reflected on the Division's Calendar adopted for each school year.

Legal Resources

10 months ago

Legal Resources offers a legal plan that covers employees, spouses, and qualifying dependent children for a broad range of legal services.  Whether it's an every day legal need or an unexpected life event, Legal Resources offers you immediate access to their network of law firms.  You can access their interactive brochure for more information on covered services, law firms, and other frequently asked questions by clicking the link below.

Benefits Brochure

13 days ago

NCPS offers a comprehensive benefits package to employees.  See the "Related Files" section below for a brochure outlining the various benefits.  

Please note that the information contained in this brochure is only a general summary of Northampton County Public Schools’ benefit programs and is not intended to provide complete information on eligibility criteria and other program requirements. For complete information, please refer to the benefit manual for each applicable Policy/Regulation, which can be found in BoardDocs at These benefits are subject to change without notice.

Health & Dental Insurance

13 days ago

Health & Dental Insurance

Northampton County Public Schools offers four Health Insurance plan options and two Dental Insurance plan options.


HMO Plans             HMO Member Services 800-451-1527
  • Anthem Value Advantage POS 30/1000/30% Open Access 
  • Anthem Value Advantage POS 30/2000/30% Open Access 
  • Anthem Lumenos $3000/20% Open Access HDHP with HSA 

PPO Plan                PPO Member Services 800-451-1527

  • Anthem KeyCare 30/2000 (PPO) 

**NOTE - the Anthem Medical & Dental Benefits Kit for 2019-20 including additional information on all plan options is coming soon**


HMO Plans             HMO Member Services (800) 421-1880

  • Anthem HMO POS 25/$500/30%/4500 Open Access 
  • Anthem Value Advantage POS 30/1000/30%/5500 Open Access 
  • Anthem Value Advantage POS 30/2000/30%/6000 Open Access 
  • Anthem Lumenos $3000/20% Open Access HDHP with HSA 

PPO Plan                PPO Member Services (800) 451-1527

  • Anthem KeyCare 30/2000 (PPO) 

Prescription Drug Coverage


Dental Plans         Anthem Dental Member Services: 1-800-371-6561



Health and Dental Waiver  - Employees who are eligible for NCPS health and dental insurance but who do not accept coverage will now need to complete a waiver.  This is a requirement related to the Affordable Care Act.  

HSA Contribution Election Form  
(Monthly fees of $2.25/month apply to PNC Bank HSA accounts.  Fees may also apply for receiving paper statements.  Electronic statements are provided at no charge.)


Please direct questions regarding health and dental insurance benefits to Charlene Jenrette, Financial Assistant, at or 757-678-5151 x2009.