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Welcome to the Associate Superintendent's Page

about 1 year ago

WELCOME to Northampton Public Schools!  It is an honor and my privilege to serve Northampton schools in the capacity of Associate Superintendent.  It is my mission to work to ensure that all students receive an education that equips them with the cognitive aptitude and skills needed to be successful, productive, and responsive citizens.    

As the Associate Superintendent, I am responsible for many tasks, but my primary responsibility is to support the teaching and learning process.  To that end, all instruction must be guided by curriculum.  

Curriculum is a teacher's road map and the backbone for planning rigorous and aligned instructional lessons.  The Virginia Department of Education provides a framework for the instructional content for all major and core subjects taught in Virginia's schools.  This framework provides a clear instructional scope and sequence for teaching and learning.  These standards provide a blueprint for what students must know and be able to do.  

As a result, we are tasked with creating district curriculum that aligns with the State standards in rigor and cognitive complexity, but also provide for opportunities to extend and expound on critical content needed for college and career readiness.  Our ultimate goal is to provide every child with optimal learning opportunities and experiences that contributes to their success.  

Other significant duties and responsibilities includes:

  •  Supervises the effective and efficient implementation of the educational and instructional programs for Northampton County Public Schools,
  • Engage instructional staff in the evaluation and selection of instructional materials most appropriate to meet the students' learning needs.
  • Supervise the development, organization, and delivery of teacher staff development
  • Monitor the assessment program, interpret result reports and their implication for curriculum change and professional development
  • Act as the internal lead for school improvement, 
  • Coordinate, plan, and administer the assessment program for the division’s students to include benchmark and SOL testing, and
  • Assist with the monitoring of division Title programs.

In closing, I am honored to serve the students and parents of Northampton County.  Please contact me at any time with any ideas, suggestions, or concerns.  EVERY STUDENT! EVERY DAY! NO EXCUSES! 

Mrs. Annette D. Gray-Thomas

Associate Superintendent

7207 Young Street

Machipongo, VA  23405


757-678-7267 (Fax)


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